Gosh, Bikram (Tabla)

Rhythmscape - The New Sound of Melody & Rhythm

Published in 2003

ID: NRCD 6005

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It's very easy to dismiss Rhythmscape: The New Sound of Melody and Rhythm as new age meandering. After all there's plenty of rain sticks and gongs, and you'll find plenty of blathering in the sleeve notes. And don't forget the faux jazz that makes up "Zinc." But if you can take the time to get beyond all the clichés, there's actually some tasty musicianship on this album. Bikram Ghosh is an extremely talented tabla player, albeit one who's working very much outside the box on this release, accommodating Indian ideas, voices, and instruments (along with Western percussion and instruments) to Western mores. All too often that's a bad thing, and brings out the worst from both cultures in the name of fusion. But on pieces like "Gangotri" there's some depth to the thought and the playing. Granted, it's not going to be to everyone's taste. Those who favor Indian classical music will likely see it as heresy, and the new age crowd might find it somewhat busy. So while it falls betwixt and between, there's still plenty of good to be found - you just have to search for it. - Review by Chris Nickson

1. Rhythm Speaks 5:52     
2. Little Krishna 7:37     
3. Zinc 8:22
4. The Language Of Innocence 7:06     
5. Gangotri 10:17
6. Tandav 7:52     2.365
7. Gypsy Rain 8:35

Benu Chatterjee - Guitar
Parthasarathy Desikan -    Vocals
Greg Ellis - Frame Drum, Gong
Bikram Ghosh - Composer, Darbouka, Djembe, Effects, Hand Drums, Primary Artist, Rainstick, Shaker, Tabla
Souradeep Haldar - Children's Voices
Jyotishankar - Violin
Snehashish Majumdar - Mandolin
Mohor Mazumdar - Children's Voices
Naveen Namboodri - Vocals

56:02 min.