Ramchandran, Trichur, Shubashree Ramchandran (Carnatic Vocals)

Nauka Charitram - Tyagaraja's Krishna Opera

K. Sivaraman (Violin), S.V. Ramani (Ghatam) Recorded in Chennai, 2001.

ID: NRCD 0177

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Tyagaraja's Nauka Chaitram was written in Telugu. The CD contains a succession of 21 simple short songs, called Darus, following the story of 'A huge storm produced by Lord Krishna'. The CD booklet contains a translation of the story, track by track both in English and French.

The Sanskrit word Charitram means any type of performance and Naukar means boat. Therefore Naukar Charitram literally means ''The Boat Performance'' and is equivalent to western operas. This album could be described as a joyful oratorio like Handel's Messiah and could even be compared to the ''Mysteries'' performed in front of cathedrals in medieval times. This album tells the story of a playful Krishna and his Gopis. Composed by Tyagaraja, the South Indian Poet.

Laufzeit: 70:03 min.