Khan, Amjad Ali (Sarod)

Raga Of The Kings - DVD

Ragas Darbari Kanada & Adana


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Shafaat Ahmad Khan accompanies on the tabla. The DVD includes a documentary entitled "I sing through my sarod", where Amjad reveals his teachings, thoughts and philosophy and speaks of his life, his family and his music. It also includes rare personal images of Amjad and his family throughout his career.

Amjad Ali Khan was born in Gwalior, the birthplace, and resting place, of the legendary Miyan Tansen, court musician to the Mughal Emperor Akbar in the late 16th century. Amjad Ali Khan is the youngest son of Hafiz Ali Khan, famous court musician of Gwalior, and represents the sixth generation of a family of musicians.

Live concert from 1998 and documentary